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The following internship opportunities are available to undergraduates within the Zoology Department.  These internships are projected as one-semester experiences, though some include the possibility of additional semesters.  Each is credited as one hour of ZOOL 491 Internship.  Students interested in these experiences should contact the internship supervisor for more information.  Only a limited number of students can be accommodated. Specific selection criteria pertain to each internship.  See application procedure below.

Editorial Assistant Internship Interns will perform background research, write, and assemble newsletter articles describing the scholarly accomplishments of Zoology faculty, staff, and students. Students will sharpen their writing skills, become familiar with digital document design, and learn about the research of selected faculty members. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing in Zoology or Biological Sciences.  Supervisor: Dr. Carey Krajewski (Chair of Zoology). 

Teaching Aquarium Internship Live specimens used in ZOOL 220 Animal Diversity laboratories are maintained in saltwater and freshwater aquaria.  Management of these aquaria is an exercise in applied ecosystem ecology and animal husbandry, skills relevant to aquatic conservation and the aquarium industry.   Prerequisite: ZOOL 220 with grade of B or better.  Supervisor: Anthony Roberts (Zoology Facilities Manager).

Undergraduate Teaching InternshipInterns function as assistant laboratory instructors in ZOOL 118 Principles of Animal Biology.  Interns are paired with a graduate teaching assistant for one 2-hour laboratory section each week.  Pre-semester training and periodic assessments by the ZOOL 118 staff are required.  This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in science education, including those who will hold teaching assistantships in graduate school.  Prerequisite: senior standing in Zoology or Biological Sciences; cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above.  Supervisor: Rachel Shurtz (Zoology Laboratory Manager).

Website Technician Internship Interns will learn basic skills in website organization and maintenance, including care and update of CMS-based websites.  Regular activities will focus on the Zoology Department website, with opportunities to participate in the design and construction of new pages.  Prerequisite: none required, but familiarity with basic HTML, any web content management software, and/or PHP scripting would be advantages.  Supervisor: Dr. Kamal Ibrahim (Zoology Webmaster).