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Southern Illinois University



College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences

Jason L. Brown

Associate Professor


Office: 254 Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-4112
Email: jason.brown@siu.edu

The overarching goal of my research is to develop a conceptual framework for understanding the interplay between spatial, genetic, ecological, and evolutionary processes.  I integrate theoretical perspectives on evolution, ecology, and population genetics with geospatial, field-based, and molecular research to address fundamental questions about speciation, distribution patterns, and the processes of generating and maintaining diversity.  Most of my research fall into two focal areas: (1) Explicit integration of ecological, genetic, and geospatial analyses to address evolutionary and conservation questions—focusing on methodological and statistical issues.  (2) Behavioral ecology, evolution, and systematics of South American poison frogs (Family Dendrobatidae).


BA, Minnesota State University Moorhead

PhD, East Carolina University

Postdoctoral: University of Michigan, Duke University, City College of New York

Courses taught

ZOOL 478 Animal Behavior

Selected Recent Publications

Brown JL, Yoder AD (2015). Shifting ranges and conservation challenges for lemurs in the face of climate change. Ecology and Evolution 5(6): 1131–1142. Highlighted in Science 347: 1434  

Brown JL, Cameron A, Yoder AD, Vences M (2014). A necessarily complex model to explain the biogeography of the amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar. Nature Communications 10:5

Barrett MA, Brown JL, Yoder AD (2013). Protection for trade of precious rosewood.  Nature 499: 29

Brown JL, Twomey E el al. (2011). A taxonomic revision of the Neotropical poison frog genus Ranitomeya (Amphibia: Dendrobatidae). Zootaxa 3083: 1–120

Barrett MA, Brown JL, Morikawa M, Labat JL, Yoder AD (2010). Modeling the effects of illicit rosewood logging in Madagascar: A call for CITES designation. Science 328: 1109–1110

Brown JL, Morales V, Summers K (2010). A key ecological trait drove the evolution of biparental care and monogamy in an amphibian. The American Naturalist 175: 436–446. Highlighted in Nature 464: 990–991

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