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Carey Krajewski

Professor Emeritus


I work on reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships at the species level within two major clades, the Australasian marsupial order Dasyuromorphia and the avian superfamily Gruoidea.  Dasyuromorphians are some 70 species of carnivorous marsupials including the numbat, thylacines, the Tasmanian devil, quolls, antechinuses, dunnarts, and planigales.  Their diversification over the past 35 million years took place in concert with radical climate and environmental changes in Australia, as indicated by our analyses of mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences.  The molecular phylogeny has allowed us to infer evolutionary patterns for several organismal features of dasyurids, including their diverse reproductive strategies and penis morphologies.  Gruoid birds (cranes, limpkins, and trumpeters) comprise constrained Neogene radiations with roots that may date to the earliest Tertiary.  Our sequences of complete mitochondrial genomes have largely resolved relationships among the 15 species of cranes, but raise interesting questions about timing and geography of diversification among gruoid families.


B.S., Bemidji State University

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Postdoctoral, Smithsonian Institution

Courses taught

ZOOL 418 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy), BIOL 200B Organismal and Ecological Biology, ZOOL 215 Sophomore Seminar, BIOL 220B Introductory Organismal Biology and Ecology, ZOOL 405 Systematic Zoology, ZOOL 417 Vertebrate Zoology, ZOOL 418 Vertebrate Anatomy Lab

Areas of interest

Systematics and evolution of birds and mammals.

Selected Recent Publications

Feldhamer G, LC Drickamer, SH Vessey, JF Merritt, and C Krajewski. 2015. Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, and Ecology, 4th edition. Johns Hopkins University Press.

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