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College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences

David G. King

Associate Professor Emeritus


Office: 354A Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-1509
Email: dgking@siu.edu

How do complex behaviors and other adaptations emerge from the molecular organization of cells and genomes?  I am especially interested in the genetic "protocols" and mutational mechanisms that support adaptive evolution. 


Ph.D.,University of California, San Diego

Courses taught

ZOOL 409 (Histology), BIOL 315 (History of Biology)

Areas of interest

Evolution, Neurobiology, Histology

Selected Recent Publications

King, D.G., (2012) Indirect selection of implicit mutation protocols. In: Effects of Genome and Sequence on the Generation of Variation and Evolution, vol. 1267, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

King, D.G., and Y. Kashi (2011) Genetic variation among developing brain cells. Science e-letter

King, D.G. (2011) Evolution of simple sequence repeats as mutable sites. In: AJ Hannan, ed.,Tandem Repeat Polymorphisms: Genetic Plasticity, Neural Diversity and Disease, Landes Bioscience and Springer Science+Business Media.

King, D.G. and Y. Kashi (2009) Heretical DNA sequences? Science 326: 229-230.

Fondon III, J., E.A.D. Hammock, A.J. Hannan, and D.G. King (2008) Simple sequence repeats: Genetic modulators of brain function. Trends in Neurosciences 31:328-334.

For more information on my research program (and related links), please see my webpage.