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Emeritus Faculty

Terence R. Anthoney

Professor Emeritus

Education MD., 1968; PhD, 1975, University of Chicago. Areas of interest Animal Behavior, Ethology, Neuroscience

Ronald A. Brandon

Professor Emeritus

Education PhD, 1962, University of Illinois Areas of interest Herpetology  

Brooks M. Burr

Professor Emeritus

Education Ph.D.,University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Areas of interest Ichthyology

DuWayne C. Englert

Professor Emeritus and Former Director of Biological Sciences Program

Education PhD, 1964, Purdue University Areas of interest Genetics, General Biology  

George A. Feldhamer

Professor Emeritus

Education Ph.D., Oregon State University Areas of interest Mammalogy, Wildlife Ecology

Richard S. Halbrook

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Areas of interest Wildlife Toxicology, Population Dynamics  

Roy C. Heidinger

Professor Emeritus and Former Director of Cooperative Fisheries Research Laboratory

Education PhD, 1970, Southern Illinois University Areas of interest Fisheries

David G. King

Associate Professor Emeritus


Office: 354A Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-1509
Email: dgking@siu.edu

How do complex behaviors and other adaptations emerge from the molecular organization of cells and genomes?  I am especially interested in the genetic "protocols" and mutational mechanisms that support adaptive evolution.  Education Ph.D.,University of California, San ...read full profile >>

Christopher Kohler

Professor Emeritus and Former Director of Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center

Education Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Areas of interest Fish Population Ecology, Aquaculture, Fisheries Management

Carey Krajewski

Professor Emeritus

I work on reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships at the species level within two major clades, the Australasian marsupial order Dasyuromorphia and the avian superfamily Gruoidea.  Dasyuromorphians are some 70 species of carnivorous marsupials including the numbat, thylacines, the ...read full profile >>

Eugene A. LeFebvre

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education Bachelor's (1952), Master's (1958), and Ph.D. (1962) degrees from the University of Minnesota Areas of interest Physiological vertebrate ecology with special interest in bioenergetics of birds in relation to ecologic and behavioral adaptations, flight, and migration.  

J. E. McPherson

Professor Emeritus and Former Assistant Department Chair


Office: 337 Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-4118
Email: mcpherson@zoology.siu.edu

Research interests are (1) taxonomy and biology of North American Pentatomoidea, including effects of photoperiod on various species, (2) biology of aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera, and (3) taxonomy and biology of Illinois Reduviidae. Education Ph.D., Michigan State University Course taught ZOOL 115 ...read full profile >>

William L. Muhlach

Associate Professor Emeritus and Former Chair

Education Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago Areas of interest Developmental Biology, Neurobiology  

Benjamin A. Shepherd

Professor Emeritus and former Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Education Ph.D., 1970, Kansas State University Area of Interest Reproductive Biology of Mammals

Donald W. Sparling

Associate Professor Emeritus


Email: dsparl@siu.edu


Research interests in wildlife ecology include (1) contaminant ecology, specifically the effects of contaminants on amphibians, reptiles, and birds and (2) wetland ecology including stormwater wetlands and the development of an index of biological integrity for assessing wetland ...read full profile >>

John B. Stahl

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education PhD, 1958, Indiana University Areas of interest Limnology  

Richard H. Thomas

Associate Professor Emeritus

I am interested in the evolution of genetic systems and in the evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction. We are characterizing the genome of a species of a putatively asexual higher taxon of mites to better understand the factors maintaining sexual reproduction in the vast majority of metazoan ...read full profile >>

George Waring

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Waring's research spans the following: (1) ethology and vertebrate natural history; (2) applied animal behavior of wild, domesticated, and zoo animals; (3) behavioral development and ecological interactions; (4) computer modeling behavior of animals in groups using adaptive fuzzy systems; (5) ...read full profile >>