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College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences



Evolution Discussion Group

Thursdays, 12:00-1:00pm 
Life Science III Conference Room, Room 1003

The lunchtime Evolution Discussion Group, or Evo-Lunch, is a relaxed forum for the discussion of current topics in evolutionary biology.  Everyone, student or faculty, regardless of departmental affiliation, is welcome to participate (bring your own sack lunch).

We may discuss recent papers or hear (and critique) research talks from faculty and students. This could be a low-key venue to get constructive feedback on a meeting talk, or a place to bring up your latest off-the-wall ideas. It's what we make it. Please bring this group to the attention of anyone you feel might be interested.

We have a list server that you are encouraged to join to receive notices of papers to be discussed and other items of interest. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail to listserv@listserve.siu.edu. You can leave the subject line empty.  The text of the e-mail should read: "SUB EVO-L yourfirstname yourlastname" (without the quotes!). If it worked, you should receive a confirmation note. If you do not, please contact Dr. Frank Anderson (feander@siu.edu).

Evo-Lunch may be taken for one (1) credit hour. The course number is Zoology 580 (cross-listed in Plant Biology, Microbiology, and Anthropology). Just show up and discuss interesting papers and listen to (or present, if you like) interesting talks. Below is a list of papers (with downloadable PDFs) on our current schedule: