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SIU Professor Matt Whiles

Office: 317 Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-7639

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My research focuses on the role of consumer groups, particularly invertebrates, in ecosystem function. Most of my efforts are focused on streams and wetlands, but I am also interested in the role of invertebrates in terrestrial systems. I am particularly interested in the effects of disturbance on aquatic invertebrate communities and ecosystem function, as well as the role of invertebrates in recovery of ecosystem processes following disturbance. Current and recent projects include investigating the influence of hydrologic fluctuations on aquatic communities of central Platte River wetlands, quantifying the ecosystem-level consequences of stream-dwelling amphibian extirpations in the Central American highlands, and estimating secondary production and energy flow along a tallgrass prairie stream continuum. Applied aspects of my research include biological assessment of river and wetland management and restoration techniques.


Ph.D., University of Georgia

Courses taught

BIOL 307 (Principles of Ecology, ZOOL 414 (Freshwater Invertebrates), ZOOL 521 (Stream Ecology)

Areas of interest

Ecosystem ecology; Stream and wetland ecology, Invertebrate biology

Selected Recent Publications

Barnum, T. R., J. M. Drake, C. Colón-Gaud, A. T. Rugenski, T. C. Frauendorf, S. Connelly, S. S. Kilham, M. R. Whiles, K. R. Lips, and C. M. Pringle. 2015. Evidence for the persistence of food web structure after amphibian extirpation in a Neotropical stream. Ecology 96: 2106-2116.

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Dodds, W. K., K. Gido, M. R. Whiles, M. D. Daniels, and B. P. Grudzinski. 2015. The stream biome gradient concept: controlling factors of lotic systems across broad biogeographic scales. Freshwater Science 34:1-19

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