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Robin W. Warne

Associate Professor


Office: 389 Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-4126

As a vertebrate physiological ecologist, my research seeks to link dynamics within ecological communities to the physiological allocation decisions made by individuals and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of these interactions. Because my work is highly integrative I use a diversity of tools and methods that include stable isotope physiological ecology, molecular methods for gene expression, and endocrine radioimmunoassay. Current projects include the exploration of how the neuroendocrine and immune systems of frogs interact and determine their responses to (1) ecological variation in resources and (2) infection by ranavirus; an emerging disease of ecotherms. In related work I seek to understand how ecological variation in resources influence reproductive allocation and the evolution of life history trade-offs in lizards. In my research I work with a diversity of taxa that includes lizards, frogs, birds and rodents.


B.A., University of California at Santa Cruz; Ph.D., University of New Mexico; Postdoctoral Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Vassar College

Courses taught

Physiological Ecology, Animal Physiology, Ecology and Evolution, and Herpetology

Areas of interest

Physiological ecology, Stress neuroendocrinology, Ecoimmunology, Life history evolution, and Community ecology

Selected Recent Publications

Warne, R.W., E.J. Crespi, and J.L. Brunner. 2011. Escape from the pond: Stress and developmental responses to ranavirus infection in wood frog tadpoles. Functional Ecology 25(1):139-146. 

Coon, C., R.W. Warne, and L.B. Martin. 2011. Acute phase responses vary with pathogen identity in house sparrows. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Biology. 300: R1418-1425.

Warne, R.W., A.D. Pershall, and B.O. Wolf. 2010. Linking precipitation and C3 - C4 primary production to resource dynamics in higher trophic level consumers. Ecology 91(6) :1628-1638.

Warne, R.W., C. Gilman, and B.O. Wolf. 2010. Tissue carbon incorporation rates in lizards: implications for ecological studies using stable isotopes in ectotherms. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 83(4):608-617.

Warne, R.W., and E.L. Charnov. 2008. Reproductive allometry and the size-number trade-off in lizards. American Naturalist. 172(3):80-98.

Charnov, E.L., R.W.Warne, and M. Moses. 2007. Lifetime reproductive effort. American Naturalist. 170(6):129-142.

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