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Clayton K. Nielsen

Professor of Forestry


Office: 269A Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-6930
Email: kezo92@siu.edu

My graduate students and I study wildlife ecology and management in a variety of landscapes, with a strong focus on habitat and populations. Primary field tools we use include wildlife capture, human dimensions surveys, population abundance surveys, radiotelemetry, remote cameras, and vegetation ...read full profile >>

Brian C. Small

Associate Professor of Animal Science


Office: 0103 Fisheries Annex
Phone: 618-536-7761
Email: bcsmall@zoology.siu.edu

My research areas are interdisciplinary, and include fish physiology, endocrinology and nutrition as they relate to management in both culture and natural environments. Research interests include the aquaculture of food and ornamental fish species, the enhancement of fish nutrition and physiological ...read full profile >>