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Help support Darwin Week at SIU Carbondale

If you live anywhere except Illinois, the Charles Darwin Bobbleheads are $15 each. For sales within Illinois, we have to collect sales tax, so the bobbleheads are $17 each for residents of Illinois. Sorry about that, fellow Illinois residents, but we have no choice.

TO USE PAYPAL: The table below lists the TOTAL CHARGE (bobbleheads + shipping) for sending one to four bobbleheads anywhere in the U.S. Find the appropriate total charge for the number of bobbleheads you want and your location (Illinois or anywhere else in the U.S.), then click the "Buy Now" button below. You will have to manually enter the appropriate total charge on the PayPal page.

Quantity Total (Illinois) Total (Rest of U.S.)
one (1) $23 $24
two (2) $42 $41
three (3) $61 $58
four (4) $79 $75

If you want to order more than 4 bobbleheads, please contact us!

International Shipping/Handling Rates: If you are placing an order from outside the U.S., we can do that, but you will need to contact us for shipping rates and information!