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Brian C. Small | Department of Zoology | SIU



College of Science

Brian C. Small

Associate Professor of Animal Science


Office: 0103 Fisheries Annex
Phone: 618-536-7761

My research areas are interdisciplinary, and include fish physiology, endocrinology and nutrition as they relate to management in both culture and natural environments. Research interests include the aquaculture of food and ornamental fish species, the enhancement of fish nutrition and physiological processes regulating commercially important traits, and the control of stress, growth, metabolism and reproduction in fish, including the delineation and regulation of hormonal signaling systems, for both aquaculture and the conservation of native fisheries.


Ph.D., University of Maryland

Courses taught

ANS 331 (Growth and Developmental Physiology of Animals), ANS/ZOOL 477 (Aquaculture), ANS/ZOOL/PHSL 426 (Comparative Endocrinology), ANS/ ZOOL 571 (Fish Reproduction and Breeding)

Areas of interest

Fish Physiology, culture, and management

Selected Recent Publications

Tapia, P.J., M.C. Puebla, A. Muñoz, E. Rojas, C.M. Marchant, M.A. Cornejo, M. Futagawa, B.C. Small. 2012. Evaluation of the cortisol stress response in a marine perciform fish, the San Pedro Oplegnathus Insignis. North American Journal of Aquaculture. 74:438-442..

Peterson, B.C., G.C. Waldbieser, L.G. Riley Jr., K.R. Upton, Y. Kobayashi, B.C. Small. 2012. Pre- and postprandial changes in orexigenic and anorexigenic factors in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus). General and Comparative Endocrinology. 176:213-239.

Wang, S., Peatman, E., Abernathy, J., Waldbieser, G.C., Lindquist, E., Richardson, P., Lucas, S., Wang, M., Li, P., Thimmapuram, J., Liu L., Vullaganti, D., Kucuktas, H., Murdock, C., Small, B.C., and coauthors. 2010. Assembly of 500,000 inter-specific catfish expressed sequence tags and large scale gene-associated marker development for whole genome association studies. Genome Biology 11:R8.

Peterson, B.C., B.G. Bosworth and B.C. Small. 2010. Comparison of Growth, Body Composition, and Stress Response of Three Select Lines and Industry Channel Catfish. J. World Aquacult. Soc. 41:156-162.

Small, B.C., S.M.A. Quiniou, and H. Kaiya. 2009. Sequence, genomic organization and expression of two channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, ghrelin receptors. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 154:451-464.

Peterson, B.C., A.L. Bilodeau-Bourgeois and B.C. Small. 2009. Response of the somatotropic axis to alterations in feed intake of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus). Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 153:457–463. 
Small, B.C. 2009. Evaluation of sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate as a potential catfish egg disinfectant peroxide. J. Aquat. Anim. Health. 21:117-123.

Pearson, P.R., B.C. Small, R.V. Beecham, C.D. Minchew, S.B. LaBarre, and T.D. Sink. 2009. Effects of loading density on golden shiner survival during and after hauling. N. Amer. J. Aquacult. 71:24-29. 

Barrero, M., B.C. Small, L.R. D’Abramo, G.C. Waldbeiser, L.A. Hanson, and A.M. Kelly. 2008. Effect of Carp Pituitary Extract and Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Analog Hormone on Reproductive Indices and Spawning of 3-Year-Old Channel Catfish. N. Amer. J. Aquacult. 70:138-146. 

Small, B.C., K.B. Davis, and B.C. Peterson. 2008. Elucidating the effects of cortisol and stress on economically important traits in channel catfish. N. Amer. J. Aquacult. 70:223-235. 

Peterson, B.C. and B.C. Small. 2008. Endocrine gene responses in fast and slow growing catfish families. N. Amer. J. Aquacult. 70:240-250. 

Small, B.C., C.A. Murdock, A.L. Bilodeau-Bourgeois, B.C. Peterson, and G.C. Waldbieser. 2008. Stability of reference genes for real-time PCR analyses in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) tissues under varying physiological conditions. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. B. 151:296-304.

For more information on my research program, please see my lab webpage.