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Da Chen

Assistant Professor


Office: LSII 253B
Phone: 618-453-6946
Email: dachen@siu.edu

My research employs a multi-disciplinary, integrated framework to evaluate wildlife exposure to emerging organic contaminants (EOCs) and nano particles. Specific interests focus on three aspects: (1) Identification of priority EOCs and nano particles in sentinel wildlife species; (2) Environmental and ecological factors influencing EOC exposure in wildlife; and (3) Toxic and ecotoxic effects of priority EOCs in sentinel wildlife. Current major projects include: (1) Flame retardant contaminants in Illinois waters via fish monitoring; (2) Emerging organic contaminants in predatory species in the Alaskan and Atlantic coasts; (3) Landfills as important sources of anthropogenic contaminants to surrounding landscapes; and, (4) Method development for the determination of nano particles in the environment.


B.S., Environmental Science, and M.S., Environmental Chemistry, Nanjing University; Ph.D., Marine Science, The College of William and Mary

Courses taught

Principles of Ecology (BIOL 307)

Areas of interest

Exposure of wildlife to emerging organic contaminants and nano particles.

Selected Recent Publications

Chen, D., R.J. Letcher, L.T. Gauthier, S. Chu, 2013. Tetradecabromodiphenoxybenzene flame retardant undergoes photolytic debromination. Environmental Science & Techology. ASAP Article.

Chen, D., Y. Wang, L. Yu, X. Luo, B. Mai, S. Li, 2013. Dechlorane plus flame retardants in terrestrial raptors from northern China. Environmental Pollution. In press.

Chen, D. R.J. Letcher, L.T. Gauthier, S. Chu, R. McCrindle, 2012. New discovered methoxylated polybrominated diphenoxybenzenes have been contaminants in the Great Lakes herring gull eggs for thirty years. Environmental Science & Technology, 46: 9456-9463.

Chen, D., R.J. Letcher, L.W. Gauthier, S. Chu, R. McCrindle, P. David, 2011. Novel methoxylated polybrominated diphenoxybenzene congeners and possible sources in herring gull eggs from the Laurentian Great Lakes. Environmental Science & Technology, 45: 9523-9530.

Chen, D., M.J. La Guardia, D. Luellen, E. Harvey, T.M. Mainor, R.C. Hale, 2011. Do temporal and geographical patterns of HBCD and PBDE flame retardants in U.S. freshwater fish reflect evolving industrial usage? Environmental Science & Technology, 45: 8254-8261.